Generation of Budget Analysis

The purpose of budgeting module is to produce "Analysis" document which is comparison of Budget vs Actuals. 

To be ready for using the analysis feature the user need to setup organization structure, create a monthly budget and then generate the analysis for the entered budget.

To create a budget, user needs to have a reporting chart of accounts. ProudNumbers works directly with imported charts of accounts from Sage Accounting and in addition allows to create Reporting Charts of Accounts, which can be edited in ProudNumbers. The purpose of the reporting chart is to have an option to easily modify charts based on the imported data. So the user can analyse/group accounts based on various criteria in ProudNumbers and use reporting charts of accounts as needed to produce the analysis.  

To create new reporting charts, use these steps:

1) In ProudNumbers main tree, use item Charts->New 

2) Following dialog is displayed 

Enter name of the new Chart of Accounts.
Decide whether you want to report only on Profit&Loss Account Categories which is necessary when creating Budgets. 

3) The new chart of accounts is displayed. It can be modified using Drag&Drop and buttons on the toolbar. 
For the purpose of creating CoA for budget  - please press SAVE on the toolbar.  

Creating Organizational Structure 

To create a new budget the program is equipped with Budget Creation Wizard 

To create new budget follow these steps: 

1) In ProudNumbers main tree, use item Budgeting ->Setup->New 

2) The organizational structure consists of Departments, which are grouped into Divisions.  Following organizational chart shows the potential grouping.  Any department may or may not be included in the organizational structure -in another words -the department can be ignored in the setup. 

Division is just grouping (summing) of few departments and this will be manifested in the "Analysis" which contains sheets for departments, divisions and company. Relevant budgets are summed as needed.

Budget is organized for departments.  

Using budgeting wizard

On the first screen - press next

On the second screen enter name for the budget, Decription and select created chart in the previous steps. Please always make sure that chart has been saved - as described before

On the third screen enter division names.  For the purpose of the documentation following values have been entered - West, East, Docks

Use the include checkbox to include/exclude department from the budget. Assign department into division. Please note that department may or may not be assigned to division. 

Decide on the financial year to create the budget. -  current  financial year or next year, press next. 
On the next screen press Finish.  

Budget will be created and it will appear in the tree - see image

The selected financial year will display in the tree and now user can open generated budget. 

Each budget consists of departmental sheet for the included departments. 

Editing Cells.  

Use combination of F2, type the number and press Enter to confirm and finish editing of the cell.  

F6 key - copies values to the cells on the right from the edited cell. Use to copy the same number from the month 1 to month to the rest of the year. 

F7 key - copies value divided by number of the months to the cells on the right from the edited cell. Use to distribute total budget to the months on the right.  

Running Budget Analysis

Use Budgeting -> Analysis ->New Analysis

Following dialog is displayed

Select Budget to use, Financial Year and Month to generate analysis. 

The analysis is displayed on screen. It can be recalled from the tree where its entry also appears.