Monitor your business performance to plan for the future

You are an accountant looking to amaze your clients with management reports from Sage 50. It takes you a long time to produce nicely formatted management account spreadsheets. ProudNumbers will transform data from Sage 50 into insightful management reports with the click of a button.
ProudNumbers Management Accounts Software
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More than just saving time

  • Final report prepared ready for sign off

  • Prior year comparison

  • Multiple reporting period options

  • Period & year to-date analysis

  • Nominal Categories/Codes reporting

  • Drillable data with export to Excel function

  • Easy to customise Chart of Accounts

  • Multi client handling

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Why are Management Accounts important?

Management accounts allow businesses to monitor their current performance, to make informed day-to-day decisions and to effectively plan for the future.

What does ProudNumbers offer?

In addition to various financial stand-alone management reports, ProudNumbers allows you to generate an automated document within a range of reports based around profit and loss. The reports can easily be customised and run on monthly, weekly, biweekly, quarterly or yearly consecutive periods.
ProudNumbers is not limited to the current financial year for analysis. You can compare the current data to the data from the previous year to evaluate and compare business activities. ProudNumbers allows you to analyse data within a set period such as a month, a week and more or do year-to-date comparisons.
Reporting on categories allows you to quickly and easily identify what each income or expenditure was for, but reporting on individual nominal codes is still allowed.
The Transactions Inspector allows you to analyse the data behind the figures in your reports. Each report has the option to right-click the summary aggregation for the set of nominal codes. The program will display underlying transactions in a new window that can be exported to Excel.
As well as Profit and Loss statements, Balance sheets and Profit and Loss summaries, Management Accounts includes a cover page with customisable logo and authorisation statement.

Business owners and financial directors

The Sage 50 users we spoke to wanted a faster, more flexible, system for producing Management Accounts reports from Sage 50 data. ProudNumbers has been developed specifically to produce a complete, professional report, in minutes, from Sage 50 data.

Multiple companies' data covered by one licence

As both an Accountant and Business Manager, you are likely to have more than one set of data to manage. ProudNumbers handles multiple sets of company data, all saved by you under the individual company name.

The internals of the program

ProudNumbers works on data imported from Sage 50. It puts the data into an SQL database, freeing it up for more flexible reporting and including the option of data drill. The database handling is fast, accurate and efficient. Each subsequent import is checked against the data existing on the database for updates and mismatches at the point of import. This way, you are aware of any discrepancies before you start working.

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ProudNumbers is independent management accounting software developed in the UK.
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