Departmental Reporting

Consolidate accounts on a departmental level.

ProudNumbers Departmental Reporting
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More than just saving time

  • Compare the success of departments

  • Analyse performance with increased granularity

  • Compare departmental revenues and expenses with the company total

Why is Departmental Analysis important?

Departmental analysis is used by accountants and departmental managers to compare one department with others. Using analysis, it is easy to assess the performance of each department, in terms of revenues and expenses.
Departmental budgeting offers more control over spending at the department level, allowing teams to analyse performance with increased granularity.

What does ProudNumbers offer?

Through ProudNumbers, departments are uploaded from Sage 50, ProudNumbers then uses this to give separate totals for the selected departments alongside the company total.
Departmental information is recorded by Sage, but getting that information out can be tricky. ProudNumbers helps you unlock this information, allowing you to analyse the figures with the level of detail that is being entered.
ProudNumbers is independent management accounting software developed in the UK.
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