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Screen features

Window bar

Double click the window bar to change screen display size or use icon.

Top menu bar

The menu bar has drop down function lists:

File -  Import Wizard, Management Accounts Wizard, Open Client, Export, Page set-up, Print
Edit - Cut, copy, paste, delete
Report - Generate new Management Accounts here or from the tree 
Window - reset screen layout
Help - support, registration etc.

Icon toolbar below menu bar 

Shortcuts to:
  • Import Wizard
  • Open Client
  • Save
  • Create Management Accounts

    Management Accounts Drill & Freeze


    Drag & Drop in the Client Folder & Document screens

    If the drop is not over a location icon the  window will remain where you place it including outside the PN active screen.
  • Left click on title bar.
  • Drag to the now apparent hi-lighted location icons, and drop in preferred location.  The window will be placed accordingly. 

    Apparent loss of all folders from screen

    If you close a screen or close all the client files and have a blank screen:
  • re-open via RESET WINDOW LAYOUT in the top menu bar
  • or select a report in the Client Folder tree