ProudNumbers will transform data from Sage 50c into insightful management reports with the click of a button.

Display management accounts in 5 minutes.

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Profit and Loss reporting intervals
Comparative performance against previous year.
Key Performance Indicators
Creditor report
Custom Chart
Drilldown allows to examine nominal code sum on the report.
Group transactions by nominal code and date.
Departmental reporting.
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Available reports

  • Rolling Profit and Loss

  • Tailored Balance sheets

  • Departmental Profit and Loss

  • Detailed Debtor & Creditor reporting

  • KPI-s

  • Budgeting

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Sage 50 is undeniably a powerful accountancy tool, but when it comes to reporting it has some notable limitations. The lack of customisable functions within Sage 50 means that running anything beyond the simplest of reports is impossible, and this means that time is spent collating data, checking figures and manually number-crunching instead of using the information in these reports to pivot your business accordingly.
What does ProudNumbers offer?
As well as budget analysis and rolling reporting, ProudNumbers also allows you to conduct departmental-level analysis and Chart of Accounts customization without needing to become experts in additional software, helping your business save time and money. The system is ideal for companies that have an in-house accountant (Finance Director, Company Accountant or Financial Controller) and who are already using Sage 50c.
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How it works?
ProudNumbers pulls data from Sage 50c and puts it into an SQL database. This allows for more flexible reporting and with the option of drilling down data. The database means that handling is fast, accurate and efficient. Each subsequent import is checked against the data existing on the database for updates and mismatches at the point of import making you aware of any discrepancies before you start working.
It's so quick to use, intuitive and simple, so only one person is needed to run the system. I can take care of both the process and the quality control as well. The productivity of ProudNumbers means I can sp end my time focusing on the actual analysis of the numbers. Graham B., customer