For all Sage 50 users seeking to comprehend the financial position of a business...

ProudNumbers provides financial insights while saving you time and money

If you use Sage 50 and require monthly or quarterly reports, ProudNumbers offers a solution that saves you time and money.

Many accountants, we have spoken to rely on Excel to some extent for producing monthly Management Accounts. If you are using myriad of Excel spreadsheets, templates, pivot tables and macros for accounting, ProudNumbers offers a much simpler and faster, cost-effective solution.

Providing so much more...

ProudNumbers goes beyond simply speeding up Sage 50 Management Accounts.

Be freed from the restrictions of generating Management Accounts with workarounds. You will no longer need an assistant armed with Excel techniques to spend hours at a desk. No help is required. A simple import process allows you to import data into Excel and categorise it using flexible Chart of Accounts, drillable data, and departmental breakdown functionalities. This data is then used to create a final automated management report with Profit and Loss, Balance sheet and Debtors. Replace ODBC connections, raw data manipulation, spreadsheets and macros with the touch of a few buttons.

Instant analysis

ProudNumbers instantly provides you with insight into the company’s business performance and business opportunities.

With custom ways to view the data with the help of drillable data, rolling reporting, KPIs, detailed debtors and creditor reporting, spend your time enabling your client to make great business decisions.

Chart of Accounts customisation.

Use ProudNumbers to create or amend Charts of Accounts. This tool enables you to report the data with the Nominal Codes expanded or rearranged. Create new Nominal Code Categories as needed.

Departmental reporting

Any data entered with departmental references can be reported by department. So, for instance, the Profit and Loss report is available in departmental breakdown version.

But ProudNumbers isn't exclusively for accountants.

It can be utilized independently by a variety of professionals, such as:
  • Finance Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs and Business Owners
  • Executive Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Sales Managers
  • Operations Managers
ProudNumbers is independent management accounting software developed in the UK.
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