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Control Reports

Control Reports refers to the Trial Balance (TB), Balance Sheet (BS) and the Profit & Loss sheet (P&L).
Two of each of these files can be produced on the desk. Only one header tab appears. Use the window mini toolbar to navigate between the two files.
These documents can be printed but are not saved.
Control reports are generated at NC group level only. Expression of individual accounts is seen in the Management Accounts.

  Import data (new Client or data), or  View Client (existing Client data).

Once imported this data is the basis of the Management Accounts. The Control Reports are non editable.
The select date dialogue will default to the current financial year of the Sage data.

Control reports are driven by their own mini-tool bar.

Client Folder

Select the report you wish to generate. A pop up dialogue will ask for the period of the report and the appropriate Chart of Accounts. 

The Create New Report dialogue will warn you if you input a date >3yrs< outside of dates it finds in the journals.

The selected documents are placed on the Desk to the right with a title tab e.g. : Profit & Loss / Trial Balance /Balance Sheet.
Up to 2 documents of multiple pages can be held in each tabbed field.  
The window mini toolbar also has functionality for Print/Preview/Export.