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Client Folder

The view shows an individual client.
The Client folder is the access for the imported data (Journals/Sales Ledger), the imported Charts, the generated documents (non-editable), and reports (calculated).

The Client Folder

Populate the Client Folder with a client from  :

File/Open Client.  This shows the list of clientsSelect and work one client at a time.
If you already have a client open, the newly selected client will supersede it.

Lists the imported data from Sage.  The files are named by the period you set in the import wizard. 

View the imported charts.  Select Summary or Full Account reports on the opened chart using a right click on the chart name. Create your own chart from an imported chart.

Control Reports
The TB, BS & P&L control documents are non editable.  Each report opens on the Desk. These reports can be printed from their mini toolbar at the top of each document.

Management Accounts
The reports are generated via the tree or from Report in the top bar menu, then accessed from the Client Folder. 

Debtor Analysis
Debtors are generated as part of the Management Accounts but may also be analysed separately from Report in the top menu bar.

Departmental Analysis
If the accounts have been entered on sage using the Departments option then these data are broken out in this analysis.

Key Performance Indicators are industry specific.  Some general indicies have been added for a notional guide in Version 1 of Proud Numbers.