Time-saving software for Sage 50 users

Introducing ProudNumbers for instant analysis of accounts

Are you an Accountant looking to impress your clients with professionally designed management reports from Sage 50? Are you frustrated by how long it takes you to produce nicely formatted management account spreadsheets?
With ProudNumbers, you can generate these reports in just 5 minutes, saving you time and effort. You can produce management reports every week or every month for all your clients with just a few clicks of the mouse.
ProudNumbers is not just about quick reports. It is a versatile reporting solution designed to offer valuable insights into your business, highlighting areas for improvement and growth.
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ProudNumbers provides quick, easy and instant analysis for Sage 50 data.

What benefits does ProudNumbers offer?

  1. Time-saving Reports
  2. Pre-built reports that are ready to print, saving valuable time.
  3. Easy Editing
  4. Data are presented in an Excel-like format with formulas, allowing for easy editing to meet specific needs. The reports can also be customized by adding a logo.
  5. Holistic Financial Insight
  6. System reports offer a general picture of business finances while also enabling users to delve into details on various levels for deeper insights and informed decision-making.
  7. User-Friendly Interface
  8. With its intuitive interface, no training or setup is needed - simply download and start using the software right away.

ProudNumbers productivity

Increase productivity (and make more money) by providing better consultative services to your clients. For example ProudNumbers KPIs reports will alert you about any problems in your client’s business in advance. And ProudNumbers Accounts Consolidation provides easy and accurate generation of Analysis for a Company Group from Sage 50 data.

ProudNumbers user feedback

"ProudNumbers makes analysing the Sage data much easier, which also makes finding errors and mispostings faster, especially with the drill-down function to let me see entries without having to go back to the original Sage data." Susan J. (Existing Client)
"It has made my month-end reporting process faster and painless. I estimate that the time saving covers the annual licence fee several times over." Nicola M. (Existing Client)

ProudNumbers for Sage 50: