Transaction Inspector

Drill down and reorganise transaction detail and export to Excel.

ProudNumbers Transaction Inspector
ProudNumbers Chart of Accounts

Reveal transactions behind summary numbers.

  • Analyse data behind figures in reports

  • Automatically summarise data

  • Export to Excel

Why is Transaction Inspection important?

Drill down gives you a deeper insight of the data by allowing you to see the make up of the figures you’re analysing, Drill down enables you to view data in different ways without having to create new reports.

What does ProudNumbers offer?

With ProudNumbers, drill down is available with the Profit and Loss report and Balance Sheet allowing you to:
  • view detailed transaction details for each calculated number or group of numbers
  • summarize transaction by any chosen column, such as Date, Nominal code etc.
  • easily export data (if summarization selected so with chosen summarization) to Excel.
Using this function, you can select the data on the report and create a list of all underlying transactions, which you can order and export into excel, where you can easily examine the data in more detail.
ProudNumbers is independent management accounting software developed in the UK.
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