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Release Notes for ProudNumbers

Version 1.0.266(February 2021)

Updating Budget Using a Previous Financial Year Calculated P&L

This new feature allows the user to populate Budget with amounts calculated from a previous financial year calculated P&L. This function is available via new icon [Fill budget from previous year P&L] that was added to the Budgeting Setup screen.

Budget Button

The user can select the Main Category to be automatically populated by calculated figures and what percentage should be applied on these Main Category calculations. The same percentage is further applied on amounts within the Category.
Any of the previous financial years can be chosen for Budget population.

Budget Button

The same percentage setting can be applied to one department or all. All Budget figures can be subsequently manually amended.

Version 1.0.264(December 14th 2020)

Data Drill Export to Excel

This new feature allows the user to export Data Drill screen content from the Profit and Loss report into Excel. This is enabled via new [Save As] icon that was added to the Data Drill screen.

Data Drill Menu Data Drill Button Save As

The "Data Drill" screen can be exported as is or additional change can be made prior the export. For instance, in order to export data by date, user can drag "Date" column to the upper area of the screen with the text "Drag a column here to group by this column".

Data Drill Window Data Drill Grouped

Version 1.0.263(October 20th 2020)

New report - Actuals and Budgets

This report allows the user to revise budget forecast based on the actual data for the months closed to date and budgeted data for the months remaining

  • Blue identification of months where actuals figures are displayed
  • Data drilldown
  • Freeze
  • Reporting on Department, Division or Comp
Actuals and Budgets report

Improvement of Budget Analysis report – exporting data per division or per sheet

Function available via new options on ‘Save to Excel’ button

  • One file option saves the full Excel report as one document (previously available display)
  • Divisional selection creates separate reports for each division with individual sheets relating to that division
  • Divisional selection
  • Sheet selection creates sheet for each individual sheet on the report
  • Divisional selection


Department id does not get updated on import - fixed

Version 1.0.218 (February 17th 2019)

  • Technical release.

Version 1.0.217 (November 15th 2018)

  • Import pipeline performance improvements.
  • Improvements in departmental reports - ability to produce P&L for departments, division and whole company as defined in the budgeting module.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.174 (March 19th 2018)

  • Nominal codes can contain mixed number of characters in one chart - e.g. either 4 or 5 characters or more
  • Default filter setting for control reports.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.169 (January 15th 2018)

  • Budgeting wizard now supports organization structure modification.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.168 (September 22nd 2017)

  • Budgeting module now generally available.
  • Improved handling of departmental reports.
  • Bug fixes.

Version 1.0.107 (June 1st 2017)

  • Bug fix for using non-default category group names in P&L and Balance Sheet.

Version 1.0.104

  • PDF Generator for Spreadsheet documents.
  • Bug fixes.

Known issues:

  • Password The situation when the password is not empty for sage data has not been tested for all sage versions but should work.
  • Chart Editor - the floating accounts are not handled properly - there is no way how to flag accounts as floating.
  • Taxation group - Sage latest version - the program does not handle Taxation group at all at present time. The program operates with Sage Groups up to Capital & Reserves.