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Bespoke Services

Bring your ideas to life with Hexner Limited.

Bespoke Desktop and Web Applications
Hexner Limited develops custom-build desktop and web solutions made exclusively to suit the needs of your business.
Systems developed by us are:
  • Easy to operate
    They only contain the features specifically needed for your business.
  • Flexible
    They can easily be adapted and enhanced based on your future requirements.
  • Compatible
    They can communicate with your other applications via interfaces built by us.
MS Excel add-ons
Hexner Limited add-ons enhance Microsoft Excel with specific custom functions that are accessible from any workbook. Our add-ons allow you to execute time-consuming tasks, such as generating special charts, reporting or accounting in less than no time and significantly improve efficiency
Use Excel add-ons within a workbook to:
  • Interact with Excel objects, read and write Excel data
  • Add custom ribbon buttons or contextual menu items
  • Add custom functions
  • Provide richer interaction using a dialog window
  • Modify any Excel version document without an Excel licence (using third-party components)
Report design and implementation
Custom made reports from Hexner Limited are designed to boost your decision making. We can use various databases to create reports and data visualization, such as:
There are various data sources that can be used to create reports and data visualization, such as:
  • SQL databases
  • File data sources - MS Excel documents, text files.
  • Various databases - MS Access.
Which reporting technologies we offer?
We offer various royalty-free reporting technologies, from commercial tools we offer Progress Telerik DevCraft, we can also supply expertise using RDL language compatible Open-source reporting packages.
Data Migration Projects
Data migration is a key aspect in the implementation of a new system, digital upgrade of a system with an amended data structure or moving data from a legacy system to a new one.
Hexner Limited provides services to transfer data between different storage types, systems, or formats.
  • Mapping of the data
  • Data migration
  • Specific data cleaning and testing